【熊本大学交渉紛争解決学のスペシャルゲスト講師 第2弾 Special guest teacher of the Conflict resolution class vol.2】

Now, the class is over!
We got a lecture from Mr.Aiichiro Kawamoto at Kumamoto university tonight. He has handed down the history of Minamata disease for many years.
His father Mr.Teruo Kawamoto was a chairman of Chisso Minamata disease federation. He said that his father had not only the face of a fighting activist but also a gentle face like Buddha, and the face of a diligent.
It was not the perpetrators but the victims who called them the extreme left violence group and the extremists of patient family.We could hear directly from him, not from books, about stories of various kinds of discrimination.
His lecture over three and half hours made me think about the deep meaning of “The case of Minamata Disease as a human rights issue”. At he same time,he introduced some heartwarming episode with Dr. Masazumi Harada and Michiko Ishimure.

The third time of this lesson is scheduled for Friday, August 10.This is a valuable opportunity. Don’t miss it!





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