【熊本大学交渉紛争解決学のスペシャル講師第5弾 森枝敏朗さん Special guest teacher of conflict resolution class vol.5 】

We got a lecture from Mr.Toshiro Morieda at Kumamoto university tonight.He was former manager of health and welfare section of Kumamoto prefecture.
I met him at the meeting of the symposium of the children cafeteria held at Kumamoto Gakuen University last year .
When he was 34 years old, he has worked in Oguni Town as a town and village official of the prefectural government that Hosokawa Kumamoto Prefectural Governor started.
He considered social situation and the characteristics of the area with the Mayer of Oguni.He organized the town planning system in the town.And it seems that experience in Oguni Town could also be utilized in Minamata.
He introduced various episodes with Mr. Teruo Kawamoto was a chairman of Chisso Minamata disease federation.
He was known for a fighting activist, but he was a wonderful man with nice smile and a strong sense of justice.He seems to have said that Minamata disease should be a World Heritage.
Mr. Morieda showed us some charts which he made to grasp the multifaceted, wide and deep meaning of Minamata disease.It was made with politely chosen words and was structurally understandable.
His words “Praying and learning are united” impressed me.



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