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私が生まれ住む小国町に住む友人のCharmaine Minamiさんがステキな本を出版しました。












”Yesterday I was Clever, So, I wanted to Change the World, But Today I am Wise, So I am Changing Myself.”





[A book of compound thinking! A friend of mine, a British woman, published a wonderful book].

Charmaine Minami, a British friend of mine who lives in my hometown of Oguni-machi, has published a wonderful book.

I attended her wedding, as she used to work as an instructor at a small school I run called TAO Juku, 20 years ago. We all enjoyed ballroom dancing and I felt the cultural difference between Japan and UK.

Later, her daughter went on to a science and engineering school called National College of Technology with a dream of becoming an airplane pilot.

My younger son, a year her junior, also went to the same school to study robotics and lived with her in the same student dormitory. I met Charmaine and her husband, a Japanese, at a parent-teacher conference.

There are many cultural differences between the UK and Japan in terms of education and family life, and I am sure she and her children must have experienced many difficulties.

In Japan, children of Japanese and other nationalities are still often referred to as ha-a-fu (half Japanese).

This is an excellent book, written from the perspective of Charmaine’s son as the main character.

It is a good book that makes you think about diversity in human society, reminiscent of “I am Yellow, White, and a Little Blue,” written by Mikako Brady, a native of Fukuoka, Japan, who has lived in the UK for over 20 years.

I hope that Charmaine’s book will be read by many people in the UK and around the world, just as Mikako Brady’s book became a bestseller and was read by many people in Japan.

The world can be seen in a different light if each person’s perspective changes.

When I was living in Boston, I asked a friend of mine, a Canadian English teacher, about the difference between “clever” and “wise” in English. His reply was very excellent. It is,

“Yesterday I was Clever, So, I wanted to Change the World
But Today I am Wise, So I am Changing Myself.

If we change our perspective, we change the world. By changing our perspective, our hearts can be either poor or rich.

This book by Charmaine will surely enrich the world by changing many people’s perspectives.

※This book is available in paperback and on Kindle.

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